An app that drives the open innovation process by using gamification to manage, prioritize and develop ideas in a simple and engaging manner!

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Putting your ideas into practice has never been so easy

Accelerate the problem-solving process by using our lean framework and working collaboratively. Gather a group around a specific topic and walk together through three easy steps: creating ideas, prioritizing ideas and developing a project framework.

I have a good idea, now I need a plan

Gather the most innovative ideas and enjoy the benefit of remotely receiving constructive input from each team individual. The sum of all that information will lead to defining the best ways to build the project.

I need to automatize my innovation process

In just a few seconds you will be all set with an automated open innovation process to support your decision-making, while engaging your team members around important topics.

How does it work?

Groundbreaker works similarly to a stock market: the more investments ideas receive, the more they go up. Users are able to advance ideas by spending their 'lamps', the app's unique currency.

Watch high potential ideas emerge from collaborative work

Everyone has ideas. Managers often struggle to collect and prioritize the best ones. Groundbreaker uses game mechanics to create an automatic filter and make sure the most promising ideas get noticed. Also, automation makes the whole process unbiased.

A portfolio of innovative ideas that fits in your pocket

Unlike other open innovation apps, Groundbreaker is totally mobile and easy to use anywhere, anytime - you never know when inspiration will hit!

Your information is safe with us

Groundbreaker uses strict safety protocols, ensuring the confidentiality of all information and privacy of users. You can rest assured; ideas can only be seen by participants within the group in which they were created.

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